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Appointment with new it went!!!

My first appointment with my new OB took place earlier this week...

I must say I was thrilled!!! When I walked in I was promptly greeted and given my paperwork to fill out. Then the nurse came out to introduce herself and told me she would be with me as son as possible. While filling out my paperwork, if I had a question the employees at the front desk were very helpful and didn't give me any blank stares.

When I went back with the nurse she spent almost an hour with me going over my paperwork, family history, pregnancy history, etc... She also stopped and discussed anything I wanted to elaborate on or had questions about as we went along. It was so fabulous compared to my other OB.

The nurse also told me up front that I would be cycling through all of the doctors and meeting a different one at each upcoming appointment since there was a possibility that any of them could deliver our daughter. She even went over all of the pre admission paperwork I would have to complete and advised me that they would contact my insurance company for mr so we knew how much out of pocket everything through the delivery and hospital stay would be so there were no surprises.

So far, I am very impressed with this new facility and hope they keep meeting my expectations.

Thanks everyone for your advice and support on this issue!!!