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A Two Pair Kind of Day

I know we’ve all had them.  Those days where you’re so tired that you just can’t seem to operate at even 90%.  Fortunately everyone doesn’t have a blog, because we’d be reading a million of these stories. 

Let me start by telling you that Sunday night / WAAAYYY early Monday morning (like 1AM) I woke up with a random fever.  Shivering, headache, sore throat.  You know…  kinda typical flu symptoms.

Of course, this being Sunday night / Monday morning the news of the day was the Swine Flu.  It’s amazing how your thoughts run away with you in the middle of the night.  In spite of never having been to Mexico, or even having eaten Mexican in weeks, I was convinced that I had the Swine Flu.  I also knew that I had to have given it to our two year old, and that she and I were going to, morbidly, be the first US or at least the first North Carolina casualties of the disease.  Images of masked doctors danced through my head, keeping me awake long after the Motrin reduced the fever.

I got MAYBE two hours of sleep that night.

I should stop the narrative here to tell you that I felt fine the next day, still feel fine, and my daughter never even had a sniffle.  We do not-  I repeat – do NOT have any porcine diseases.  I still have no idea why I had a fever.  Psychosomatic?

Anyway- this was a roundabout way to tell you that I was totally exhausted Tuesday morning when I had to get up way too early to help Jane get on the potty. 

And all day Tuesday I felt like I was off.  We walked up to the main library to return a stack of books and CDs.  I had left them on the counter at home- no returns for me.

After that fruitless stop we walked over to the Mint Museum of Craft and Design (free admission on Tuesdays…check it out sometime!).  When we got there I realized I had put Jane’s shoes on the wrong feet.  The trooper that she is she never complained even though she totally looked like a clown.

After the museum I totally hyped up a nice juice break we were going to have on Tryon Street while watching the trolleys go by.  I had left the juice sitting on the library books back home.

And that’s pretty much how the day went.  I’d say it was a good thing we opted to walk everywhere instead of drive.  I’d have ended up in an accident for sure. 

And the doctors would have had a hell of a laugh when they got me in there.

I’m sure your mother always reminded you to wear clean underwear in case you got into some kind of accident.  Well, it wasn’t until the day was over and I was climbing into the shower that I realized that not only was I wearing clean boxers, but I somehow managed to also wear a second, redundant pair all day.  I really have no idea how that could have happened, but in hindsight, it did feel like I had a lot of junk in the trunk that day.  (That really was an accidental pun)

In an attempt to make lemonade out of lemons I’m going to use this experience to try to inject a new phrase into popular culture and make myself famous.  If we all use the phrase, “I’m having a two underwear kind of day” as often as possible it’s sure to catch on.