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Charlotte's (2nd) Most Beautiful Mom

Earlier this week my illustrious boss Jen R asked me if I (along with Queen City Reviewer Meredith) wanted to help pick the finalists for the MomsCharlotte “Beautiful Moms” contest. 

Well, being someone who,

a) is very judgmental, and

b) likes looking at beautiful moms (sadly…in that order),

I realized that I had finally reached the peak of my post-professional career and couldn’t turn her down. 

But it’s true.  Who better to judge moms than this guy who is already married to Charlotte’s most beautiful mom and hangs out with other beautiful moms all day as a stay at home dad?

Then I realized we had somewhere around 400 entries.


That’s A LOT of women to have to look at.   As someone who has NEVER EVER used the internet to look at pictures of women I started to question whether or not I was up for this.  I mean, that's a wombient amount of pictures.

Seriously, though, as I started looking at all of the submissions I started to feel overwhelmed.  Jen asked that I find 15 or so “finalists”, which sounded easy on the surface, but it turns out that means I had to weed out roughly 96% of the submissions.  Dang.

Because here’s the thing.  When you start looking at all of the pictures of moms and reading some of the comments left with the submissions you really can’t easily skip over ANY of them.  I don’t want to sound sappy, but really ALL of the moms who submitted/were submitted to the contest are beautiful.  From the oldest grandmother to the youngest first time mom, each one of you seemed to display such a love for your children that it was difficult to reasonably pass over ANY picture.

Then I discovered that someone had submitted a picture of me. 

This gave me a pretty good jolt from the sappy sentimentality that was building and helped me to realize that this really was just a silly contest done in fun while celebrating motherhood and drumming up support for the site in the process.

Anyway-  the finalists in the contest really were not easy to pick, and if it were in my power to give every mom out there a prize I would.  But, then again that’s kind of the beauty of motherhood-  you don’t do it for the glamour or the fame.  You do it to the best of your abilities for the love of the job.

So, through Saturday at 9PM go ahead and vote for Charlotte’s most beautiful mom.  Just know that all moms are beautiful, and that because of site limitations I couldn’t vote for my wife.

Or myself.