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Wrap it up

I thought I had seen it all.  Bibs with fun fabrics; bibs with monograms. Burp cloths with texture, burp cloths with pom-poms. You get the picture. This, however, I had not seen. I wish it had been around a year ago when my youngest was just a few months old.  

The Gebbie Cloth is a wrap-around burp cloth created by, you guessed it, two mom friends. They were fed up with their work wear being showered with spit-up.   

You know the picture: Set baby down with toy (or pen or whatever else will entertain him). Get dressed. Fix hair. Pick up baby. Either get doused with spit-up or find the surprise later on in the day when you happen to look in the mirror (3 hours later). Gross. But … slip on the Gebbie Cloth, which simply wraps around your neck to cover both shoulders, your back and chest (ie optimal shots for spit) and you can leave looking just as you did the last time you checked yourself in the mirror.  

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The Gebbie Cloth is available in eight fabrics; one side is 100% cotton and the other a blend of chenille, perfect for little ones to snuggle on. It secures with Velcro so it won’t fall off when you bend over like traditional burp cloths. No more excuses for Dad to not get the baby while you prepare, because this “lifesaver”, as one mom puts it, will save his shirts from the drycleaner (for spit purposes, that is).   

Find out more about this new product by visiting where you can view and purchase the Gebbie Cloths.