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Super.... Well That's Just Super.

You missed out.

I know many of you were rooting for me.  And I know and appreciate that the threat of me showing up in public wearing the itsy bitsy teenie weenie MomsCharlotte shirt wasn’t enough to discourage your support.  (Heh!  I just noticed when proofreading that there is only a one letter difference between “threat” and “treat”.  I suppose either would have been appropriate here)

But apparently my efforts were not enough to have me labeled a SuperMom in the eyes of Mecklenburg County.   

So, too bad, so sad, ladies.  You missed out. 

Still, congratulations to the following women who, in addition to being unencumbered by a pesky Y chromosome, also somehow make sure their families eat their fruits and veggies:


Debra Dickson, mother of 2

Cyrilla Neely, mother of 2

Juawana Colbert, mother of 1

Kacy Pleasants, mother of 2

Lissette Rodriguez, mother of 3

You may have won the local SuperMom battle, but the war is far from over… I just have to collect myself for a little bit.

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