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Fancy but Frugal

Who says you need to be pregnant to shop at a maternity store?! After my latest find, I may be checking them out more often. And no, I'm not expecting!

I just so happened to go into Beaux Belly (in the Specialty Shops in SP - you know, by William Sonoma) where I found these SUPER CUTE handbags. Not only did the variety of styles and textures catch my eye: so did the price tag. "Handbags $15 - $30" the note card read. Huh?  Were they serious?

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You bet your bag they were! Long story short, one of the owner's sister's neighbor (no joke) made these bags - and for one reason or another wasn't ready for the success she found with it over a year ago. The bags, which once retailed for over $150 are now being sold at a fraction of the cost, simply because she needs to unload them.

I picked up two for myself (two bags for $30!) and one for a friend. And let me tell you that the quality of them is that of a boutique but at Target prices.

What a perfect gift for a girlfriend, a funky hostess gift or a treat for she who needs it most ... YOU!

I was in on Monday and they had about 40 bags or so.  I can't tell you how long they'll be there, but one things for sure - if the word gets out on these things, it won't be for long.  Bun-in-the-oven or not, you've simply got to check out the store for these stylish steals!

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