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Thankfulness-A Matter of Choice

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November 22, 2009

Thankfulness…  It’s a state of mind, so easy to say; often times, much harder to feel.  Ultimately, it’s a matter of choice.  

Our journey through this valley of shadows and sorrow continues; I expect it will take the rest of our lives to reach the end.  I’m okay with that.  Is this the life I imagined?  No.  Is this what I wanted?  Expected?  Absolutely not.  But every day, I’m learning to live the new life I’ve been given, one impossible, often indiscernible, step at a time…  

Finding satisfaction in simplicity…  Counting the smallest of blessings…  Discovering purpose in unexpected places...  Making every moment count…  

I try to treat each day with family and friends as the gift it really is, ever mindful of how quickly things can change.  While moments of utter happiness remain few and far in-between, they do occur…  I am especially grateful for each precious reminder that joy is still possible (xo Logan & Denise)…  I’m very thankful my family survived the first year of firsts, and that we are still hanging on, together, with Hope in our broken hearts… For sweet relief at having my first over-forty mammogram behind me and a letter saying all is clear… I’m also thankful for family and friends (old and new), who helped us make it through these long months, loving us when we were not so easy to love and when we were...  I’m grateful for my first sip of Chick-Fil-A sweet tea each morning and my last swallow every night...  And I’m really glad I remembered my wedding anniversary today, instead of forgetting it again this year…  I am not a strong enough woman to thank God for taking my son, but I am thankful for the years I had with him…and the fact he didn’t suffer as he left this world...  

It is hard to be thankful for what you were given, instead of angry over what you have lost.  But if good things lasted forever, would we ever really appreciate them?  

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving filled with love and hope… tg  

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