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Sons deaths birthed new ministry for one mom

“The death of a child is so painful, both emotionally and spiritually, that I truly wondered if my own heart and spirit would ever heal…I soon learned that I could help myself best by helping others….

It wasn't until Robin died that I truly threw myself into volunteer work. That precious little girl left our family a great legacy: I know George and I care more for every living person because of her. We learned firsthand the importance of reaching out to help because others had reached out to us during that crucial time.” --  Quote by Barbara Bush, whose first daughter died of Leukemia

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This quote means a lot to me, especially since the death of my only two sons over 19 years ago. (Leon is pictured to the left, Wayne on the right.) It seems like yesterday it happened. It was the day my life changed forever.

They died together in a car crash on Oct. 26,1990. I tried not to cry around family and friends at first because I thought they would think I was not a “good Christian.”

That was the worst way to handle my grief. The only way I found to be able to cry was in my bathtub. I would sit in hot water and cry like I was delivering a baby. I soon learned that crying helps you to heal.


Two years after their deaths, I was able to put all the "Why questions" in God's hands. God led me to other Christian bereaved moms to share our pain, and we began to form a support group called Footprints Ministry for bereaved moms only.

After the death of my first husband and marriage to my new husband (pictured below), who also lost a son and a wife, we started a ministry for parents. We send out a newsletter every three months to over 40 families in grief in our area and 20 other states.

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We also do a local support group at our church, Hickory Grove Baptist, using the Griefshare video series. We still make some home visits to moms who have a hard time coming to meetings.

  I have found out that the only way to heal is to go through it, not around or under or over it, but straight through it. It is the hardest work you will ever do but thank God, there is healing when we put it into His hands, and then He can use us.

Today, the Footprints Ministry God gave me two years after my sons’ deaths has been able to help hundreds in grief. By placing my pain and grief in His Hands, He has used me to help bereaved parents go through the grief journey and find healing.  

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