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Non-alcoholic? Sign me up.

Being a parent, I’m pretty sure at some point or another you got that email passed around about the alcohol in hand sanitizers causing infants to act intoxicated. Whether it’s true or not, it’s certainly not something I want to mess around with. Plus, the alcohol-based products dry your hands out! So I couldn’t be more excited about an alternative that’s out there whose product roots tie back to our very own Queen city.

My favorite product of the line LifeLogic has got to be their portable hand sanitizers. The alcohol-free, all natural formula that comes in a spray form is called “Remi-D” on the bottle; and best of all, they’re kid safe!  Now I’m no germaphobe, but I do get a bit of the heebie jeebies from touching public toilets, doors and other public places. Again, you’ll never see me wiping my kid’s hands with a wipe (unless there’s some sticky goop or mud on them) but I have no problem spraying this stuff on cart handles before we journey through Target.

The hand sanitizers also come in a “regular” four-ounce counter size which is great to have around the house. With little ones coming in and out, they’re sure to bring a plethora of germs with them. And while I don’t advocate spraying each and every hand every time they step foot in my house, I’m happy to give them a spray prior to sitting down to a meal or in the case that little Annie has a runny, snotty nose she’s constantly wiping. Yuck!

LifeLogic also makes foaming hand soaps that are 100% All Natural (paraben free, triclosan free, alcohol free)  Additionally, they have hypoallergenic, FDA compliant body washes and shampoos which are a great alternative to the standard J&J.

Read more about these products by visiting or get your free sample at the June 12 event at the Harris Y! Because though I do enjoy a glass of wine here and there, when it comes to kids, I think most will agree that alcohol-free is the product for me.