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Circus-like Fun for the Family


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The circus is almost in town and you know what that means.  We’re about to be inundated with print, radio, TV, and billboard ads trying to entice us to see the trademarked “Greatest Show on Earth”.  Hooray!

Now, it might be construed as libel if I actually printed what I believe the circus is all about in an attempt to get you to do something else with the kids, so instead I have created an entirely unrelated list.  We’ll call it my “Greatest Stuff to do In Uptown Charlotte” list-  it’s pure coincidence that everything I mention here will be running during the same days as the circus, is located within five or six blocks of the circus, is likely cheaper than the circus, and guaranteed to leave you feeling more fulfilled than the circus.  I’ll also mention that you might check out the Humane Society’s “Circus Myths” page when you get a chance.

Anyway- “On with the show”!

The circus offers amazing acrobatic feats and flashy crazy costumes.  Kids of all ages love that stuff.  Which is why I recommend that kids of all ages check out The Aluminum Show at the newly opened Knight Theater through January 31st.  The show “combines special effects, acrobatics, jazz and modern dance, puppetry and aluminum costumes”.  Yep, let’s see the Big Top try to top this.

The circus features dirty animals doing tricks.   That’s not too hard to beat in the Charlotte area.  You could leave the circus peanuts behind and take the family across the street to ImaginOn where the Children’s Theater of Charlotte is performing “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”.  I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but a turtle is featured and I can’t help worrying about salmonella when I think of the story. 

The circus will feature amazing feats of rehearsed magic.  Why not take the family to the recently opened Bechtler Museum of Modern Art to see Charlotte’s latest artistic magic, or the Mint Museum of Craft and Design before doors close in February for its move down the street.  I assure you that the exhibits at either of these locations will inspire you and your children far more than anything the forced antics of the circus creatures will.

The list above is just a small sample of the amazing cultural and more importantly, FUN, things you could enjoy with your family just within a six block radius of the circus.  There's plenty of other uplifiting family fun to be had in Charlotte.  Oh, and if you're not a sensitive viewer and you happen to stumble across this website you’ll understand why you’ll not see my family patronizing the circus this year.  


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