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Poems You're Sure to Hate or Whatever

I'm sure many of the MomsCharlotte forum visitors saw, and hopefully contributed to the list of most hated words and phrases we discussed this week.   Blogger Meredith had a terrific idea to somehow use those in a poem-  a task I thought I was up for.  I mean, really Meredith, way to think outside the box on that one.  Anyway, long story short we decided to use the synergy of the two of us together to make one terrific blog post. 

Well, it turns out that while my few attempts at it were looking for smaller, almost limerick style poems, Meredith wasn't afraid to go try to use them all.  So rather that clutter up her work with my own, I'm going to publish these as we came up with them.

Since, at the end of the day, this is MY blog space, my poems are going first:

Mamaw and Papaw think outside the box

When they make their coffee
And instead of utilizing roasted beans
They brew it using toffee


"Well, it is what it is", I said to the jockey

"But your job seems kind of cushy-

At the end of the day, you just ride a horse,

While sitting on your tushy

So, those were my first two contributions, and I was, like, patting myself on the back or whatever when Meredith sent me her opus:

Let’s dialogue, shall we, about some words of the day.

That MomsCharlotte users hate to hear others say.


Their anger has been brewing, and finally came to a head

They like, really hate these words, like, that others have said.


So Jon and I started to think outside the box & synergize our minds

And like the poetic verses started flowing, like totally, all kinds.


Irregardless of how this poem turns out, at the end of the day, Jon deserves a shout out

Because his daughter went to school the other day, and for the first time, did not pout.


I don’t want to take all the credit and sound like a diva here

But at first Jon just sat on his tushie, I mean rear.


Then I reminded him that I have 3 kiddos, and he only has one

And he should utilize all that free time to do something fun.


“Talk to the hand.  Whatever.”  He said

Um, Jon seems to be more of a diva than me!   I thought in my head.


It is what it is, gotta get back to work

And you just know anyone that says conversate is totally a jerk.


Vajajay, diva, and tushie are fine by me

But they bother MomsCharlotte users, you see.


Toffee, like Coffee?  That one’s not so bad.

Perhaps a traumatizing choking toffee incident Jon’s had?


Moist, I’ll agree, that one does sound icky

Especially if it is preceded by the word sticky.


Mamaw & Papaw, who really says that?

I guess if you live on a farm, with your one eyed inbred cat.


I must admit to accidentally saying I had to go potty when conversating with a friend

I oft wondered why that friendship suddenly came to an end…


To be honest with you, at the end of the day

Irregardless of what MC users think these words are ok


It is your choice whether to use these words or not

But remember, Karma will always bite you in the butt

Really, what more can I say?  Whatever.