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How to give your child $25,000

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What would be the best gift you could you give your children when they graduate from college or head out on their own as a young adult? 

How about a nice fat nest egg to get them started?  We built a $25,000 stock portfolio for each of our children and you can too!  We are just ordinary people that accomplished this--and  you can do it too.


Click here to view this You Tube video showing exactly how we did it and you can do it too:

How We Built a $25,000 Portfolio for Each of Our Children

To summarize, when our children were born and people wanted to get a gift for the baby, we asked family & friends to give us the gift of money that we would invest for them.  We felt this was a much wiser choice than some new toy that would soon be worn out or in which they would lose interest.


We set up a very low cost stock index mutual fund (such as the S&P 500 Index Fund) along with a general stock mutual fund for each child and start investing Read more about S&P 500 funds  Click Here

When the children were old enough to start working, we wanted to really encourage their frugal living and investing, so we made them an offer they could not refuse!  


For every dollar they contributed to their savings, we would match it--so they would double the amount of money they had to invest! That gave them extra incentive to work hard & save a large percentage of what they were earning or receiving as gifts!

We knew that compound interest is a powerful force that can reap huge benefits and we wanted them to benefit from it. See the power of Compound Interest and how it grows your money.  Click here Compound Interest Calculator!

We set up a spreadsheet that we reviewed with them periodically to demonstrate how much richer they were getting.  They became much more enthusiastic about saving their hard earned money after they started to see how their investments were earning them "free money" they didn't have to earn by working.

On the day each of our children graduated from college, we switched the entire portfolio into their name!

They EACH had a nest egg of over $25,000 to begin their adult lives at 22 years of age!  T hat's a whole lot better than a bunch of smashed up old toys and NO money! Wouldn't that be a fabulous graduation present for your children or grandchildren too?