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Yuletide Tidings

I believe it was The Carpenters, in their song “Merry Christmas, Darling”, who coined the word “Christmasing” to describe what I’m currently up to.  The family is on our annual Christmas journey, visiting all of the grandparents, eating and drinking too much, opening gifts, laughing, pondering our gene pool, and all of that other yuletide fun.

One thing I’ve wondered about while driving from place to place, is the decision process folks go through when determining bow placement on their Christmas wreaths.  Me, I’ve always been a “bow on the bottom” type of guy. 

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But I’ve seen some “bow on the top” wreaths, that while totally wrong, at least look okay.
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What I really don’t care for are those “bow on the side” wreaths, though.


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They make me uneasy- as if the balance of the wreath is all thrown off.  Perhaps that is what the decorator is going for?  Kind of an artistic statement of “sure the wreath is a perfect circle and a peaceful reminder of the season, but I’m going to remind you of the horrors in the world by throwing it off balance”. 

I’ve also seen wreaths with TWO bows- one on each side.  While that does bring the necessary balance, it just seems like too much effort went into it. 

I’ve created a poll out on our forums here to see what the popular opinion on wreath bow placement is.  If you have a break in the yuletide action please vote in the poll.  Comments in the poll would be great, too- especially if you are one of those off-putting “bow on the side” types of folks. 

Anyway, in order to get back to my Christmasing I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  I hope you find the peace and love you need during this special time of year, in spite of your lopsided wreath bow.