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A Lucky Start

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged at you, I know.  My totally awesome wife took my daughter to grandma’s house for the week so that I could get a little vacation from my stay at home dad duties.

Of course, as I mentioned last week, we are preparing to try to sell our uptown place, so I’ve been pulling 10 – 12 hour shifts painting, cleaning, and organizing so that this place will be all set for listing this weekend.  In the process I see I’ve neglected my little blog space here. 

Things are off to a good start- I woke up this morning to the sound of a wood chipper in the lot behind mine.   Within a couple of hours these folks managed to change my view of the uptown buildings from “seasonal” to permanent, conveniently within less than 24 hours of our first broker showing.   I promise I didn’t call the tree removal folks, but seriously, that was perfect timing. 

The family will be back on Sunday and I'm curious to see how my daughter will react to the way we've organized all of her toys.  It's one thing to keep the house clean with everyone gone... it's going to be something else entirely doing this with a three year old.