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In Memory Of...

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Many months ago, one random afternoon in my life of before, I remember wondering, ‘What exactly inspires someone to do this?’  I was flipping through the pages of the paper, and I paused, contemplating the words printed before me.  Thankfully, my life up to that particular moment had been sheltered; I hadn’t yet gained the awareness that comes only by virtue of the agonizing experience itself…  

I have become one of those people…  

And I am struggling to find the words to express the sentiment held in my heart…for my mind is rebelling against the task at hand.  It is impossibly difficult for me to compose a tribute to our son…to commemorate Brian’s 18th birthday…  How much easier it would be if only he were here with me.  Instead, I must put pen to paper and satisfy this urge by writing ‘In Memory Of’, to be published on his birthday…  

The importance of this date, of his debut into this world, has not diminished in our eyes, despite our inability to tell him as before; although we cannot say the words ‘Happy Birthday’ to his beautiful, smiling face, we will sing it loudly from our souls; while this day shall pass unnoticed by most, we will celebrate his life, even though he has gone on...  This proclamation is our equivalent of shouting from the rooftops, hoping and praying our voice will echo all the way to heaven…and be heard by the one we had to let go...  



11/6/1990 – 6/12/2008  

You blessed this world with sunshine, and made a difference in this place. 

Our hearts ache from missing you.

You are always remembered; you are still loved so much.  

Dad, Mom, Beth, Grace & Silly

I now get the ‘Why’ I pondered in my prior state of ignorant bliss…  It is simply grief’s expression, poured out and shared for all to see; it is, at its essence, a letter of love.   

Because love always remembers…and love never ends…  

Wishing you hope…TG  

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