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Tissues, OJ & Chicken Soup

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December 17, 2009  

Dear Friends, 

I have fallen victim to a case of the cooties.  Despite my best efforts at hand-washing and germ avoidance, my defenses have been breached.  Whatever this is has knocked me down and I cannot get up…  Not yet, anyway. 

For once, I am trying to be smart, listening to my body instead of ignoring it; the obvious fact is, I'm sick.  I will be resting and recuperating for the next few days, drinking plenty of fluids, eating chicken soup and contemplating the purchase of stock in Proctor & Gamble, as I have already gone through an entire box of Puffs Plus in the last twenty-four hours.  Believe me, I have the Rudolph worthy nose to prove it. 

I am thankful Christmas is next week, so I have time to recover!  I will be back here by Monday for sure… 

Until then, wishing you good health, many blessings, and always, hope… 


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