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Why Cash for Clunkers is a clunker of an idea

Hey – you there in the 2006 Ford Escalade – can I please give you $4,500 to buy a new car?

Please! Sure, our roads, bridges, schools, and local small businesses are in disarray, our unemployment rate is the highest it has been since I was 4 years old and in pig tails, and I am paying more at tax time than ever, but please can I buy you  new more cost efficient vehicle?

And instead of buying a Ford (American) why not a Honda – sure it may be made in Alabama technically but the profits go Japan! And instead of donating that 2006 Ford Escalade to a charity that could use it to transport seniors or sick American citizens, we will destroy the engine and sell the parts to China.

One question: For those of us who do not trade in our clunker Ford escalade and we need parts, will we have to now buy those parts back from China? Great, let’s get shopping!!