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Beach Ponderings

As many of you know, I am currently enjoying a family vacation at the beach.   While I initially had no plans of blogging at all while here, I’ve made an observation that I’d love to hear from my predominantly female readership on.

While I enjoy the ocean and the full range of activities that a beach vacation brings to the table, what I really treasure is the opportunity to shower outdoors.  Every beach house we ever stay at seems to have one of these outdoor showers.  I suppose the idea is that one showers off the sand and beach gook before clogging up the drains in the real shower upstairs. 

I, however, choose to take all of my vacation showers in the outdoor shower.  And as far back as I can remember my father does, too.  At the same time, I can’t think of a time my wife or mother have EVER set foot inside one of these outdoor showers.  Is this a male thing? 

My daughter has never had a shower, until this week.  Now she’s had two, and both were in the outdoor shower.  I’m very proud to say that she LOVES it- the breeze blowing up into the shower from the bottom of the stall, the sound of the ocean outside, and the freedom cries of the gulls above-  what’s not to love??  Any indoor shower will pale in comparison for my daughter, I’m sure.

The outdoor shower at the house this year has a pelican on the outside.  My daughter believes it to be a chicken:


blog post photo

"Let’s go take a shower in the 'Chicken Room'" is what she is currently requesting on the monitor rather than napping or resting.  By golly, I may just have to take her up on it.

One can never be too clean.