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Growing Green Together

Hello to all my fellow moms!  I’m excited to be joining the conversation with other moms in the area. There is so much we can learn from one another and I am looking forward to the journey.

My goal is to start the conversation on living a more sustainable lifestyle.  For some of you, I can see your eyes rolling back in your head but give me a chance. It’s not about global warming or ‘saving the trees’ it really the simple fact that we take more from the planet than it can naturally sustain.  Every year we dip into the future to meet our needs.  That can’t be sustainable!  Every person on this planet requires a source of energy, food, shelter, and disposal.  It’s called the eco-footprint and in the U.S., ours is way too big!  We need 20 percent of what the globe can provide but we make up just five percent of the population.  As a mom, that really concerns me.

So let’s start a conversation about reducing our collective eco-footprint.  I’ve been doing it for some time and happy to share what works and what doesn’t.  You won’t use every tip, even I don’t.  I still have a SUV in the garage but there are rain barrels in the garden and my family of four produces less than three bags of trash a week. Here’s the bonus:  We’re saving money! 

Here’s my favorite tip to get you started on the road to doing your part and saving some money at the same time. Install a programmable thermostat and actually program it!  It’s a relatively easy DIY project but it’s also not expensive to have one professionally installed. Heating and cooling your home is your biggest source of energy consumption and the largest utility expense.  Reducing your consumption when you’re sleeping, at work or on vacation can save up to 8% off your bill.  Prices range from $30 up to more than a $100 for the super-duper model. The unit will pay for itself in just months and then it’s money in your pocket every month.

Doing your part doesn’t have to be hard.  It begins with one small change.  Why not get started today?

Terri  Bennett is an earth scientist and mom;