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Ho Hum

Hey, so I’m pretending to be a single dad for a week while my wife is on a business trip.  I have no idea how single parents do it-  the day will be going along just fine, then I’ll remember that I don’t have any kind of backup magically showing up after 5:00 tonight and I start to feel overwhelmed.  Depressed even. 

It really is a ridiculous thought, because it’s not like 1) I don’t have experience dealing one-on-one with my daughter, or 2) she’s that hard to be around.  She and I are perfect buddies, she sleeps 13 hours at night, and she is extremely low maintenance.  But still, knowing that you have to be 100% responsible 24 hours a day for an entire week is remarkably weighty.  Anyway, hats off to you single parents, or you folks who raise kids in a house where your spouse doesn’t pull some of the childrearing “weight”.  I guess you get used to whatever your situation is, but still…

Anyway, to kind of lift my spirits out of this mood and to at least give me something else to think about I’ve jotted down several of my thoughts so far today.  It’s not that I really expect anyone to care about my random thoughts but I think it's true to the original intent of "blogging" for me to post them here.  If you want deep thoughts go ahead and skip this and come back later in the week.   

  • Like I said, I don’t know how single parents do it
  • Why does having the bed made make a room look so much better?
  • Why is it so much easier to keep the house clean when my wife isn’t here?
  • I wonder what kind of sunlight ornamental cabbages need?  Can you eat them?
  • Why is a grown woman walking through the grocery store wearing a huge pink bow, large sunglasses, and bouncing a pink ball?
  • I love my new hand vac.  What a perfect piece of equipment for our loft/art/crafting room. 
  • What am I going to blog about this week? 
  • Why do people who seem to be confused by technology continue to try to use the “self checkout” lane at the grocery store? 
  • Do folks actually write those questions in to “Ask Amy” and “Ask Billy Graham” or are Amy and Graham just making up questions? 
  • How many books can possibly be written about childrearing?  Do folks just create issues to give themselves something to write about?  I know kids don’t come with manuals, but is it really that difficult?
  • I don’t know.   Hopefully I’ll have something deeper to say about life and stuff later this week- the kind of quality material you’ve grown to expect from me.  Until then I would appreciate it if you’d pray that it doesn’t snow and that our health stays in the green this week- at least we can get out of the house. If not, you're sure to get more sick day or snow day haiku entries.