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The Pain of Pride

I’ve often heard it said that pride comes before the fall.  I'm sure John Edwards might have a few lessons to share on this.

Well, I received a quick schooling in this myself over the snowy weekend.  Now, no fears, I’ve certainly not committed any Edwardian gaffes (as evidenced by the fact that I'm still out here writing dumb haiku verses and not picking my tossed belongings out of the snow)- but my severely aching muscles are a tender reminder that pride certainly can harm.

blog post photoSince my daughter started pre-school five months ago I figured that I’d start working out on a regular basis for the first time ever in my life.  I’ve done a pretty good job sticking with going to the gym at least three times a week and am starting to finally notice some results. 

Because of the ice over the weekend I couldn’t get out to do my usual Saturday workout so I figured that I’d try using one of my wife’s easy exercise DVDs.   And, yeah, this is where the pride comes in.

Now I'm a guy who stays home with his kid.  I blog on a mom's site.  I'm certainly not sexist.  But, you see, this DVD not only featured a female on the cover but also an all-female group of ladies exercising in the background. There was not a single dude ANYWHERE on this video.  I was comfortable enough to do a "women's" workout.  But as a guy I knew I'd have to modify it. I messed up here in two ways:

 1)      I figured that since I had all of five months of gym workouts under my belt then I was not only physically able to keep up with any chick but I could also double up on the weights she used.

 2)      I didn’t sit on the sofa with a beer and just enjoy watching the ladies exercise.

See, I thought that my easy little gym routine was way harder than anything some softy could throw down on a DVD marketed at women.  And as a result I ache in every single muscle of my body.  I really think I tore something.

Each step up or down a riser here in our three story townhome is torture on my thighs.  The effort and pain that comes with raising my arms above my head to shampoo my hair is astounding.  I'm thinking about going for dreadlocks.  Seriously, mon.  Dreadlocks.

I think the DVD box had the word “ripped” somewhere on it (frankly, I’m not walking up two flights of stairs to verify) and that is a pretty accurate description of what it did to me. 

Fortunately it only took an exercise tape to remind me of the danger of pride- I fear Mr. Edwards may have a tape of an entirely different nature floating around to remind him. 


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