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Get Going with the Baby Signs Potty Training Kit

Potty training is such a momentous time in a parent's world. The thought of it can be downright daunting - but the rewards are absolutely priceless.  Not having to change another diaper is something most anyone would go ga-ga over. So if you had the opportunity to do it earlier than later, wouldn't you take it?
Most of the challenges parents find in potty training early in their child's life is either 1. they are too lazy to try it (I can say this because I generally fall into this category) or 2. the child doesn't possess the communication skills necessary in the task at hand. For those who claim that they fall into the second category, see here: the creators of Baby Signs (the well-known sign language program for hearing babies) have created the Baby Signs Potty Training Kit that suggests you can potty train your child as early as 12 months. 

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My youngest was just nearing her second birthday when we tried out the kit - and I should mention that I hadn't done a thing in regards to getting her on the potty until this point. I first showed her what it included: a lift-the-flap book, which she enjoyed, and an "all aboard the potty train conductor's whistle" (designed to signal it's time to go potty or an after-success whistle), success stickers and a DVD. After reading the book, we jumped on the couch to see if the DVD measured up to the book. My youngest won't sit still for anything on TV, but for this DVD, she didn't move an inch. That is, of course, except for her laughing, pointing and smiling with what she was watching. All I know is that two days after reading and watching, she went on the potty for the first time. #2, for that matter. 
Though my daughter's got a decent vocabulary at this point and can generally let us know what she wants/needs, I can see how younger children would be able to signal to their parents when they simply didn't know the words. The signals are the base of the program, and the positive reinforcement makes this combo a success. If you've heard about the Baby Signs program, you've used it and you've had success, or you simply want to get your child out of diapers, this is a wonderful resource to get you - and him - going.
Visit to find out more or to purchase a kit yourself.