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For any of you with one child, you know what it’s like having a newborn. Chaos can barely begin to describe it, right? There’s newness, sleeplessness and lots of unknowns. Managing it all can be maddening! So when Glow Baby owner Lindsay Harris asked me to review her product, Baby’s First Journal, I knew this could be something useful.  

I remember bringing my third child home from the hospital and frantically searching for the notes I’d taken from nursing my first.  Yes, I was that good with my first. Second? Not a note. But with my firstborn, I’d noted what time she nursed, how long, which side, etc. And it was so incredibly helpful to look back upon that to see what was MY norm – not what the books told me, not what the milestone charts told me. My notes were scribbled in an old work notebook. Definitely not pretty, and definitely not what you’d picture a keepsake to be.  

Baby’s First Journal, however, is a wonderful way to jot down all of this information in a cute, concise place. The compact notebook is stylish yet simple; it provides pages for each day and lines for twelve feedings (and bless you, child if you are feeding more than 12x’s a day!) The charts offer spaces for both bottle- and breast-feeding mamas and also have space for diaper information and nap start and end times. It also has space for notes – perfect spots to jot down silly or memorable things that your little one does on that day, things you’ll surely not remember given your lack of sleep.  

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Scrap the scrap paper, get rid of your excel spread sheets. These handy-dandy journals are pretty and practical and as an added bonus, at a price-point ($15.95) that’s perfect for a shower gift. The pink, blue or green colored journals could be just the thing to keep you – or your friend – completely sane throughout her newborn’s first few months. Find these products and more at