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Flu shot fallout

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October 24, 2010

I’m feeling a bit under the weather…

I came down with a stomach bug on Thursday afternoon; however, it seemed to have run its course within 24-hours.  By yesterday evening I felt 100% better so John and I decided to stop by our local pharmacy to get flu shots.

I believe the last time I had one was in 2007.  Earlier that year I finally figured out how to manage my asthmatic condition and wanted to be proactive in staying healthy.  The only side effect I experienced then was a sore arm, as in times past.

This time has been quite different.  About an hour after I received the injection, I felt a little dizzy; after eating dinner, my throat began to hurt.  A lot.  Several hours later, chills and body aches joined the party, culminating in a monstrous headache.  Around 3 a.m. I moved to the couch, since I wasn’t sleeping anyway…

I crawled back into our bed once John got up, and slept fitfully off and on all day today…

Thank goodness most of the side effects have abated; I’m back down to a sore arm and a slight headache, which I hope will be gone tomorrow.

John has only had the sore arm and throat…

Had you asked me at 7 a.m. how I felt about my decision to get the flu shot yesterday, my answer would have been pretty crazy...  But now that my body seems to have calmed down, I’m glad I did it.  I’ve had the flu before, and a few short years ago my asthma was out of control; compared to those situations, an uncomfortable, sleepless night dealing with temporary side effects wasn’t a big deal. 

Or at least it seems like that now that it’s behind me…

One of the main reasons I decided to get the shot is because of my volunteer work in area schools; I am around far more children than I’ve ever been previously.  There’s been a discussion in the forums board here about whether or not to get the flu shot…  Out of curiosity, has anyone else had the response I did?  Maybe I should have waited another day or two because of the stomach bug, or maybe the dosage was too large for my system (John and I received the exact same thing)? 

I’m just glad I feel better than I did at this time last night…everything is relative, right?

Wishing you sunshine and always, hope…tg

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