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Writer's Block

Here at MomsCharlotte I’ve been given a unique opportunity to blog.  I’ve an opportunity to write down my thoughts, daily if I want to, and share them with a built in audience.  It’s an honor!

And a curse!  It’s a frustrating curse when I get a case of writer’s block like I’ve had over the last month or so. 


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It’s not that things aren’t happening around me.  My daughter recently started school and even turned three last week.  All of those things are great “blog fodder” on a parenting site, I suppose, but I’m not sure I’ve gotten my head around all of these changes enough to trip the “write” fantastic with them.  So now I’m resorting to dumb word play. 

Occasionally I’m living those moments where everything seems to be an inspiration.  You see a baby bird learning to fly and you think, “hey, I could turn that bittersweet moment into an awesome blog”, or you see someone wearing pirate pants and you think, “hey, I could turn that hideous choice of pant into an awesome blog”.  My peers here largely seem able to do that all the time. 

But lately I’ve felt a little less inspired and a little more like I’m going through the motions.  I think that may be in some part to my daughter’s dislike of school, making this transition more difficult for our family.  This unexpected response to school has taken a lot of my emotional energy.  Perhaps the slow change of the seasons and lack of sunlight is also making it more difficult. 

Perhaps there’s an element of boredom here, too.


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I mean, let’s face it, the life of a stay at home parent really isn’t all that exciting or interesting.  Some days- nay, most days- it’s a matter of going through the motions.  The same motions you went through the day before and the same motions you’ll go through the day after.   Trying to find something witty or introspective to say about those motions can, in and of itself, be a little like “going through the motions”.  (I’m tempted to embed that “Locomotion” song in this entry so that you, too, can have it stuck in your head like I do right now)

Fortunately, having a responsibility like a little blog space here on the site is enough to force one to try to get the creative juices flowing.  Unfortunately, sometimes your writing is firing on all cylinders, others it’s more like you’re pushing it uphill.  The great thing about pushing something uphill, though, is that sooner or later you’ll reach the top of the hill and then you can coast down.  Either way, I’m grateful that you’re along for the ride.  Even if that means you’ll have to endure the occasional “pushing-a-car-as-a-metaphor-for-inspiration” analogy like that last one. :o)


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