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Remember November?

Just two months after celebrating their discovery I find myself throwing out the eucalyptus leaves I gathered last November.

Perhaps you remember it-  my post two months ago about my remarkably auspicious start to the month of November and how I’d found an Xbox, eucalyptus tree trimmings,  a little cash money in the parking lot, and a toy Model T. 

Well, looking back with the benefit of two months later it totally wasn’t worth it. 

I have no idea where those delicate Model T cars are- I’ve hidden them because they were clearly never meant for a three year old and she kept breaking them and crying, but I do know the whereabouts of some of the other items…

The eucalyptus was never the neat, cute eucalyptus you find at places like Pier 1 or World Market- this was wild, untamed, and gnarly eucalyptus.  The kind rabid koalas with foaming mouths and fiery eyes frequent.  While it smelled pretty good I never could shake the feeling that it kept trying to look more and more disheveled as the days passed.  Finally, today, we gave up and tossed it.

The Xbox.  Well-  it works.  But only when it wants to.   It didn’t take long for me to realize that the reason it was in the trash was because the DVD drive didn’t work on it.  Being slightly technically proficient I ordered a new DVD drive and swapped out the circuit boards on the drive which totally fixed it-  for a day or two.  Now I’m at about three weeks since the thing has worked and the only way I can see to fix it is to sink another $100 into PC upgrades so that I can spoof the new drive.  Basically, with all of the money in power cables, video cables, and new DVD drives I’ve put into this "awesome find" I could have bought a working Xbox with no defects.  Sigh.

Finally-  regarding the money that literally blew up to me when I was carting out the trash-  a mere two weeks after that event our community found itself in a land dispute with a bitter property owner that resulted, by the end of November, in the area I found the money in being completely barricaded off and looking like doody. 

There probably is a lesson in all of this.  Something about not looking a gift horse in the mouth or not counting one’s chickens before they hatch or some other such crap.  But really, I wouldn’t mind just going back and forgetting that remarkable first week in November.  That week where everything looked like it was going my way when really everything was just getting more expensive. 

P.S.- And LMW, I have seen you and your family exactly ONCE since the November blog was written.  We must do something to remedy this as soon as possible.