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Taking a Sick Day

It’s rare for me, and I’ve been in denial, but I have to admit that today I have a full blown cold.  As I type this I’ve given up on blowing my red, raw nose- instead I’m letting the germ-laden drippings just fall out.  I totally disgust myself, so you have my nodding agreement if you just thought, “EEWWW, he’s so gross!!”  I am.  Very, very, gross.

This is the kind of day that sick days were made for.  The days where you don’t feel so bad that you absolutely have to stay in bed, but

1)      you don’t want to infect your co-workers

2)      you sure could use a little down time to recover

Unfortunately, as all parents know, this job does not have a “sick day” benefit plan.  In fact, I don’t even get to come in an hour or two late in the morning. 

Also, in the back of my mind, I am concerned that I WILL somehow infect my “co-worker” (my two year old) or that she also picked this thing up where ever I did.  The old adage that misery loves company just isn’t true when your “company” is a toddler.

So I plow on, just like my mom did for me- reading “No, No, Titus” for the 25th time, animal sounds and all (you should hear my congested cow), and trying to keep up as well as I can.

My daughter has decided to help the best she can- lots of kisses, hugs, and “I sorry you not feel well, daddy- I love you”s   


Ahh yes.  I may not get terrific sick time benefits in this job, but I tell you, the pay is awesome and I absolutely adore the folks I work with. 


Oh, and I just figured out how to stop the foul nasal drippings with the simple application of a tissue directly to my nasal passages.  I kind of look like the walrus.  goo goo g'joob




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