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Art to Give Thanks For

I’ve always appreciated the arts.  I love all types of music, I love sculpture, written word, and, naturally I appreciate a skilled painter.  A budding new artist has recently come to my attention, and I believe her work to be among the best I’ve ever seen. 

Now I promise not to clutter up my blog space with too many pretentious “art world” types of posts, but there’s one work by this artist that seems seasonally relevant enough to bring up and share here. 

The work is called “These Two Turkeys Are Going to Kiss, I Think”.  I will tell you up front that this work has already been donated as a gift to the prestigious Grammy Museum, but I believe the artist is accepting commissions for other work if you’re interested.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the artist about this painting- helpful since some of the more abstract parts of the background could be left up to interpretation.  While the artist recognizes that personal interpretation is an important part of art, she believes an understanding of the artist’s intent provides valuable perspective.

What follows is an edited transcription of my interview with the artist.  It can be a little confusing to follow- the artist seemed to be easily distracted, and at times even appears unable to answer a straight question.  But you know those artist types.  You kind of expect it from them.


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JonMcP:  Wow!  This is an incredible painting you’ve got here!  What do you call it?

Artist: These two turkeys are going to kiss I think see??

JonMcP:  I see that- so what do you call it? 

Artist:  Don’t be silly.  It’s a painting.

JonMcP: Umm. 

Artist: Look, here’s two turkeys.  They’re going to kiss. I think.

JonMcP:  Yep, that’s cool.  What’s the green stuff going around the side here?

Artist:  That’s a snake.

JonMcP:  Snakes and turkeys, huh?  Oh, that’s an interesting use of red and blue you've done there above the turkeys.

Artist:  That’s the sky.  The sun is setting because it’s morning. 

JonMcP:  The evening…  the sun sets in the evening.

Artist:  No, this is the morning. 

JonMcP:  Then the sun should be risi--- err, never mind.  Well, what’s that pink thing under the turkey on the right?

Artist: That’s a fink plamingo.  And here, this (artist motions to the pink lines on the left of the page) is a cardinal.  A flying cardinal.

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JonMcP:  Well, that certainly looks like a flying cardinal to me.  What is the green mass under the right turkey’s head?

Artist:  That’s a green head.  It’s just there.  And it’s green.

JonMcP: Intersting.  What does the brown area under the left turkey signify?

Artist:  It’s poop.  All turkeys poop.  And this one pooped right here.  See?  See the poop?

JonMcP:  Okay, calm down.


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While this artist has yet to achieve the offensive notoriety of say, a Robert Mapplethorpe, I’m quite encouraged by her use of fecal imagery.  She’s sure to be receiving an NEA grant after the holidays.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I’m looking forward to spending time with family, friends, and of course, my little artist.