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No more team snacks

It's baseball season, this year for both of my boys, and that means the return of the Team Snack.

I hate the Team Snack.

If you're not familiar with the Team Snack, it's a ritual performed at the end of sporting events. A mom brings some goody and often a drink for each of the players to eat after a game. Seems reasonable. But the problem is that it's almost always junk -- cookies, Doritos, gummies. Accompanied by sugar-filled juice.

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There's always a game on a week night, which means my kids are getting this influx of sugar right before they go to bed. And inevitably, one of my boys ends up wetting the bed from having consumed 12 ounces of juice just before falling into a deep sleep.

Another problem, the Team Snack is all my boys think about. Even the kid who isn't playing the game expects to get in on the Team Snack. If I threaten to ban the Team Snack, I'm immediately the evil mother.

I want to propose ending the Team Snack for my boys' teams, but I know that won't go over well with the other parents.  I could propose only providing something healthy, but  I don't know how many parents will go for that.

What I'll probably end up doing is just allowing it and cursing it. And bringing orange slices and water when it's my turn.