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When should the nursery be ready?

How soon is too soon or how late is too late to get the nursery together?

I have gotten much advice from friends and family, been reading lots of baby magazines, and have been checking out blog sites, etc... for when is the right time to get the nursery ready.

I am due on January 17th and was planning on getting the nursery ready for our baby girl over the Thanksgiving holiday. That will be about 6 to 7 weeks before I am due. Is that too late or too early?

Some mothers have told me that they were mobile and able to continue to do most things up until they practically delivered. other mothers have told me that they have had things ready 3-4 months before the baby came.

My first daughter didn't have a nursery because I was so young when I had her (19) and lived at home with my parents. So they kind of took care of everything we needed and I just went along (because I had no idea what to do)...

I don't want to set up the nursery and just have it sitting there for months getting dusty but I also don't want to put myself in the situation where the baby is ready to come home but our home is not ready for her to come home to, ya know?

Any advice fellow moms?

Thanks and TTF N!!!