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Cover Me in Style

My 8 month-old had to get tubes this week … after 4 ear infections, I’ve had it with the antibiotics and was ready for a new solution. 


So there I was at the ENT surgery center waiting for my littlest one to come out of the (very short) surgery.  They called us back and my usually mellow, chill daughter was so completely out of sorts. They had warned me of this, and said not to worry; they also said that it’d be best to bring her a bottle to hopefully calm her down.  But the thing is, I’m still exclusively nursing.  Not that I don’t pump here and there, but knowing her I knew she’d prefer the norm.

Back to my environment – a very large surgery center with lots of docs/nurses roaming around.  Our nurse pulls this little cloth around our area and says, “ok, go ahead and feed her.”  But I wasn’t so comfortable with whipping out my b0ob (the site is trying to sensor me!) in front the nurse, doc and others wandering by.  Lucky for me, I had my Modern Wrap by Belli Style.   The nursing poncho, created by two ladies who recently relocated to the Charlotte area, is made of a soft fabric with a good amount of stretch to it. It’s perfect for times like this that I need to nurse in public but don’t want others to get a peek!  What I really like about it (besides the fact that it covers me up) is that the print is simple and not obnoxious.  I can wear it with work wear or casual clothes and it doesn’t stand out in a negative way.  It also folds up very compactly (ok, really you can ball this thing up and shove it in your diaper bag). Though my fabric is more “modern”, there are all sorts of fun prints.  

I got mine at you can check them out on their site as well or visit Belly Elan in the Promenade where they are also sold.