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It's a Painful Process

L ast year around this time I ruminated openly on here about a personal and delicate medical procedure.

This year I am doing something equally painful- attempting to sell an uptown townhouse in the worst housing market of my lifetime.   And actually, now that I think about it, the processes and thoughts I have about both events are remarkably similar.   In that regard I present to you the following list:

Ways in Which Selling an Uptown Townhouse is Strikingly Similar to Being on the Receiving End of a Vasectomy

  1. Both are a decision best made as a family and with the children in mind
  2. Both involve inviting strangers to view your most personal spaces
  3. Both involve tidying up about the place before said strangers visit
  4. Both are painful
  5. Both are a drawn out process before seeing any results
  6. Both are stressful and go better with adult beverages
  7. Both are good blog fodder

Obviously there are some major differences between the two processes.  I’m thinking that frozen peas won’t really come into play with the home-selling process.   Also, insurance paid for the medical procedure and I fear no one is going to pay anything during the home selling process.  We’ll see.