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First view of the baby...

We went to the OB last week to have our first visit. They bumped me up a week because I had been having some mild cramping. We found the baby's heartbeat and all is well thank goodness!!!

My husband was very funny because I think it actually hit him that he will be a father soon for the first time. He kept looking at the screen and saying "where is it? where is it?" So funny...

When the doctor did locate the heartbeat his eyes lit up like a child seeing Mickey Mouse at Disney World for the first time. It was so sweet. When the doctor left he fell into the wall and said "Oh my God, we did that?!" I thought he was going to faint!

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My next appointment is in July and by then I will be 12 weeks along. Everything has been going ok so far except for the fact I am beginning to feel the first trimester nausea. Nothing smells or tastes good at the moment so I have to force myself to eat.

Well, gotta go for now...more updates later and thanks to everyone for their support and encouraging comments!