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Drink it up

Summer’s here, school’s almost out, and kids will be at home. We’re all getting ready for lots of activities, so what else could prepare us better than a good shot of energy? I like to rely on good ol’ caffeine … but heck, I can come up with any excuse to get a little of the legal drug, actually.  

With that being said, I’ve got three products that made the cut when I’m in the need for speed; read on and pick your poison!  

Tetley Tea – a real bargain, Tetley Tea is what us tea connesouirs (or just tea lovers) call the real deal. Their round, robust bags offer ample flavor without going overboard on the tannin taste. Add a drop of low–fat milk or a slice of lemon for a lovely, affordable everyday tea! 

Eight O'clock Coffee – when you’re really seeking a good jolt, or just a good cup o’ joe, Eight O'clock Coffee is the way to go. What, you say you’ve never tried it? Then surely you are missing out. The smooth, rich flavor is derived from 100 per cent Arabica beans. In the 100+ years this company has been producing their product, they’ve surely perfected the well– balanced acidity. In fact, in some taste tests, this has been out many popular coffee house brews. Did I mention this is also easy on your pocketbook? Be sure to look online for coupons and try a bag at your local grocery store if you haven’t already.    

Good Earth Tea also produces a great line of the lighter stuff; I personally prefer their decaf chai. With just 3 calories and no caffeine (this is my drink of choice at night), this tastes too good to be true. Cinnamon and warm spices produce tempting aromas along with a taste that will delight your tastebuds.   

Drink up and enjoy!