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Spring Fever

Yea!  Spring has definitely sprung. 

Achoo.  The birds are chirping.

Achoo.  The flowers are blooming.

Achoo.  My daughter and I are walking everywhere once again.

Achoo.  And my allergies have reared their ugly head within the last 24 hours or so.



Anyhoo..  I have a massive case of spring fever here.  My desire to do anything other than hang around outside (even with the inevitable sneezing) has taken precedence over house cleaning, cooking, laundry, and even blog writing.  So for a whimsical tale of an Easter Bunny visit I am recycling last year’s blog- we’re doing this visit again this year and my daughter can’t wait.  I still don’t understand it.


I received an email today confirming that my application for SuperMom is in the approval process and I’ll know something by April 14th.  If I win, hopefully my spring fever will have abated in time for me to make sure my uber-tight MomsCharlotte T-shirt is freshly laundered. We'll see. 

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