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Fruitfully fabulous ⦠naturally.

Something you may not know about me: I’m a bit of a health food freak. I realize I may not be the exact “norm” when it comes to seeking out healthy snacks for my kids, but with the rise of childhood obesity, I’m hoping that more moms (and dads!) continue to be on the lookout for snacks that pack a nutritious punch. Oftentimes I think it’s a factor of convenience; why wouldn’t you pack a bag of chips when cutting up a piece of fruit takes extra time and effort? I get it. So when I was introduced to fruitzO freeze-dried snacks, I was like a kid in the candy store … yet an all-natural version – quite questionably my nirvana.

FruitziO products are fruits (shocker) that are treated with sophisticated freeze-drying process; water is removed from the fresh fruit in a cold (freezing) vacuum condition, leaving behind the true essence of the fruit in a light and crispy texture. We’re not talking those fat-laden banana chips you’ve tried or the trail mixes that deliver more calories in a normal sitting than you need in a meal. These are light, crispy, and delightful – and at just 40 calories/serving (100 calories in a bag), you can feel free to eat away! Which is exactly what my kids did.

Varieties include Apple-Strawberry, Peach, Apricot, Strawberry and their newest addition, Mango. And not only are they low-calorie, they are also peanut, gluten and dairy free in addition to being vegan and kosher.

Venture on over to local stores Earth Fare or The Fresh Market to try out these super snacks. And be prepared to dish them out when your kids exclaim those all-too-familiar words: I’m hungry!