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Play it again: Professor Pocket

Are you looking for an educational gift that’s also entertaining? How about one that will help introduce your child to Spanish – and, no, I'm not referring to a Dora video. Professor Pocket is a CD with a unique format. The creators, one of whom is a local mom, have seamlessly weaved English and Spanish dialogue throughout the CD in an enjoyable way that will have your kids excited about learning another language.


The musical CD contains 15 tracks that include some of the catchiest tunes you’ll hear. Trust me, it will not only have your kids singing along, you’ll be singing along, too! I've even been guilty of waking in the middle of the night humming the tunes (um, did I really just admit that?)

Ricardo Mata, owner of PlaySpanish®, couldn’t agree more.In our 10 years of teaching Spanish to children in the Charlotte area, we have never endorsed any materials of any kind. Based on what we have seen, we are happy to give Professor Pocket our endorsement and support. Our students love them and so do we because the results are evident,” he says. 

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Join Professor Pocket along with her bilingual friends as they embark on a magical, musical adventure on a farm where horses can fly and cows make all different flavors of milk. The website,, includes a full translation of each song as well as vocabulary from the CD; it also has information on where to buy the CD, which retails for $15.95 - a great pricepoint for a bday gift, a back-to-school gift, or just an any day item.