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My newest love: the lullaboard

Did he pee? Um, yes. 

P0op? Yes … How many times?

What did he have to eat? What time? Uhhhh-


You know the drill; we’ve all been there before.  We want to know every little move that our little ones make when we’re away. Which is why I’m just loving my Lullaboard.


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Local mom Sarah Masci created the reusable, practical tool that can be used in homes and daycares alike; it’s the perfect product to help  bridge the communication gap between mom and caregiver/nanny. And did I mention that it’s eco-friendly? Instead of filling our garbage cans with papers from each day’s documentation, the dry-erase board provides a place to record your baby and/or toddler’s day.


Lullaboards come with handy magnets and adhesives to best suit your home; or simply throw it in your diaper bag for your childcare center to fill out. Worried it will be confused with someone else’s child? Don’t sweat it – personalization is free. Choose from baby or toddler versions that provide space for feeding sessions, nap times, diaper duty and to-do lists. Select from the seriously stylish designs by visiting … and stop fretting about the questions you didn’t ask!

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