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Can we criticize Diane Schuler?

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I'm sure we all shook our heads in sorrow at the recent news article about the mom in Westchester County, NY, who drove the wrong way on the highway and crashed, killing herself, her 2-year-old daughter, her three young nieces and three men in the other car. Police say Diane Schuler drank 10 vodkas and smoked pot before getting into her minivan. (Her attorney disputes this, arguing some medical malfunction happened.)

The case is awful. Something, we swear, we'd never do.

But don't many of us already engage in equally risky business on the road? I talk on my cell. Heck, I dial numbers on my phone while driving. I turn around and give water bottles to the kids. I jot down notes on my to-do list. All while my kids, the beings most precious to me, are right there in the car with me.

Yes, it's tragic what happened in New York. But I can't condemn Mrs. Schuler. Not when I take a look in the rearview mirror and apply my lipstick.

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