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Tragedy turned into treasure

Sharing isn't an easy concept for most of us. Lets be honest; there are times even us "old-timers" have a tough time with it. I'm not just talking sharing our candy with our kids; opening up and sharing feelings can be difficult at times. But of course for the little ones, something as simple as sharing toys isn't an easy one to grasp.

Gable Yerrid of Tampa, Fla. found himself in a horrible predicament six years ago. He was involved in a life-altering car crash when he ran into another car who was trying to make an illegal turn. The accident ended up fatal for driver Nancy Christine White Bradley, and Gable found himself shutting others out, unsure of how to deal with the many emotions.

His only saving grace came through journaling ... and now that journal has turned into a children's book that the (now) 20 year-old hopes can help others learn the value that he has found in sharing.

Personally, my kids are all aged 5 and under ... so we are still dealing with the sharing of toys, books and such. But the story is good; the pictures fun and the moral crystal clear: sharing with others is much better than keeping it all to yourself. It's something we can all enjoy and benefit from, regardless of age.

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Find the book locally at Borders & Barnes & Noble; or find it online at And join in the Marley's Treasure parties to be held at Borders Stonecrest on Sept. 19 at 2 p.m. or on Sept. 23 at 11 a.m.