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Precious Placemats

I get so tired of the spills. Spilled milk, pizza sauce, even wiped boogers (gross, I know).  How do they all get on my table?  And not only on the table, but smeared into it?  UGH! I swear I spend at least 15 minutes a day scrubbing my dinner table after my three kids eat on it. Which is why I am loving my new placemats.   

I had the large, laminated placemats personalized with my kids names – one on each, of course. While I was afraid getting all of them the same design may be safest, there were too many cute options to choose from; I got them each their own unique design. Cute options like fun flowers with polka dots, a pirate theme or a whimsical ladybug are kid-friendly motifs; I opted for that on one of the sides. But being that they’re reversible, I got the simple one letter monogram on the other side. This is the side this mom prefers!   

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Of course they’re adorable. But did I mention how much less time I have to worry about scrubbing?  I lay them on the table; feed the kids and simply throw them in the sink for a quick wipe down. Spilled juice? No worries. Peanut butter flipped over? Who cares! It’s on the placemat. And boy am I glad it’s there instead of the table!  

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Put down the sponge and head on over to where you’ll find oodles of super cute choices. You’ll be glad that you did!