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No Way

Here on MomsCharlotte we’ve started discussing bigamy, polygamy, and all other kinds of gamy. 

The discussion kicked off with an article from the AP about an investigation into some reality TV family because they’re openly in a polygamous relationship or whatever.   I’m all for any and all reality TV people being prosecuted on the simple grounds of being a waste of our time and contributing to the dumbing down of our culture.  But I digress.  What’s actually important here is that this guy has four wives.

Four. Wives.

Now, clearly there are some advantages to having four wives.  Like….





Yeah, I really can’t think of a reason anyone would want four wives. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife to pieces and I believe I’ve made that clear here on this blog.

But four wives? 

Just imagine the time it would take to go anywhere. 

Or having four sets of in-laws. 

Or this conversation: “Well, we visited Suzie’s parents for Christmas in 2008, I’m sure it’s my turn this year.”

Or remembering your anniversary.  Four times.

No thanks.