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Should your husband attend your baby shower?

Hello everyone,

My sister is throwing me a baby shower on November 6. We figured that would be a good time since the baby is due in January and we didn't want to wait to late or let the holidays roll up and risk the chance of decreased attendance due to busy schedules.

I was wondering, however, what the proper etiquette was for the husband attending the baby shower. Does anyone have any ideas or any opinions? Everyone on the invitation list is a female and most of them are my ex-coworkers and friends that live here in Charlotte.

My husband says he wants to attend and be involved, but I have a feeling he would rather not be the only male around a bunch of giggly women awing over baby stuff and talking about girl things. I appreciate him trying to be supportive as well but almost feel like he would just be in the way.

The other part of me wants him there because I want him to experience it with me since this is his first time having a child. I think it would be cool if he saw all of the presents (instead of me having to come home and show them to him again) and met the important people in my life he hasn't met before.

Has anyone had this issue and if so how did it work out for you? Did your hubby attend (and if so how did it go) or did he not attend and everything was fine.

Thanks for any input! TTFN!