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Arm-saver for the Infant Carrier

A fellow fitness fanatic once told me that female’s biceps are easier to develop than triceps. The reason why?  Because our bodies were created to handle the holding, lifting, etc. etc. of babies.  But let’s face it: no matter how strong your biceps are, it still doesn’t make it any easier to lift the darn infant carrier! Which is why I just love my Padalily.

With three kids, my arms are clearly ALWAYS full. I don’t have the luxury of holding the car seat with two hands, and it automatically goes straight to the crook of my arm. This padded piece eases the strain and weight of the car seat – and it also gets me tons of compliments!  Not only is it functionable, it’s also fashionable.  

I got my Padalily locally at one of those vendor shows, but they are at stores all around town.  Find a list of retailers at . 

Kashmir Karat-