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Meow Mix

It’s a well known adage that a cat has nine lives.   That seems like an awful lot, but my almost four year old has discovered most of the incarnations of these nine lives.  

Since deciding in August that she wanted to be a cat for Halloween (and me discovering a cat ear headband at an Old Navy in Winston-Salem) she has worn a cat ear headband literally everyday since (to school, the grocery store, walking the dog, brushing her teeth, everything).  Sometimes she sticks a shoelace or ribbon in the back of her pants to complete the look.  I try to discourage the shabby tail-  if you’re going to dress in costumes do it right and don’t make it look like dad doesn’t know how to dress you.

Of course, it’s no fun simply wearing cat ears, so everyday we have to pretend that some different variant of her being a cat exists.  These are the variants/lives of the cat so far (from my daughter’s perspective):

  1. I am a cat and you are daddy and you are not allergic to me  (In the real world I am allergic to cats)
  2. I am a baby cat and very mean and you are a dog trying to smell my bum and I scratch you
  3. I am a cat and you are Poodie Dog (our dog) and actually I am a “seeing-eye cat”
  4. I am an old cat and it hurts my knees to go upstairs
  5. I am a cat who has eaten a lot of grass and now I will throw up on you and what will you say?
  6. I am a turtle who is dressed up as a cat and you are a crab
  7. I am a seeing-eye dog dressed up as a cat and mommy is Poodie Dog’s mommy and Poodie Dog is lost and you are just daddy
  8. I am a pirate cat and you are a pirate
  9. I am going to cry until I can figure out where I left my cat ears

So there you have it.  She also alters the ears' position depending on her mood.  If she's happy the ears perk up, if she's sad she'll mash them down.

I must admit I’m glad to have found a cat I’m not allergic to.  This one is kinda sweet and as much as I hug and kiss this one I'd be having a heck of a time managing my allergies.