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Junk The Junk Mail

Did you know that each American adult receives about 3 pounds of junk mail a week?  It’s crazy the amount of unwanted paper that shows up in our mailbox.  This is especially true if you’ve ever bought anything from a catalogue. You start getting catalogues from stores you’ve never heard of and all of that paper goes right from the mailbox to the recycling bin in my house.  What a waste of time and of resources! 

I have a few solutions that will help reduce the amount of junk in your mail box. I’ll even tell you how to keep those unwanted phone books off your front porch. 

A good place to start is with the Direct Marketing Association. This is the leading trade association for businesses and non-profit organizations that send direct mail and they represent nearly 3,600 companies around the world.  You can create a profile on their website at and manage the type of mail that ends up in your mailbox.

There is another organization raising support for a national do not mail registry - similar to the do not call registry that keeps telemarketers from phoning your home.  You can sign the petition at and find other useful links to getting your name and address off some of the biggest junk mail lists.

And when is the last time you really needed a phonebook other than to prop up a small child at the dinner table? There are over 500 million of the books sent to homes and businesses each year! Call your telephone company directly and request that your name be removed from the mailing list.  You can also submit your information to a new grassroots effort online at  They will submit your request to the local providers and it takes just seconds.

Cutting down on junk mail or other paper we just don't need or use is an easy way to Do Your Part.  It takes just a few minutes and you'll see results in your mailbox in just a few weeks! But remember, even when the occasional junk slips through, make sure it makes it to the recycling bin. Recycling paper doesn’t just save trees.  For every 2000 pounds of paper recycled we also save 380 gallons of oil, 4,000 kilowatts of energy, and 7,000 gallons of water!