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Team parties are too expensive

Dear Team Mom,

I’m just wondering: Why did you have to pick that expensive place for my son’s end-of-season soccer party? That, of course, is on top of the money I had to contribute for the coach’s gifts.

I appreciate the effort you have put into the season and the work you’ve done without pay for the boys. And certainly we want the coaches to be thanked for their service with a nice signed photo, handwritten cards or something meaningful and heart-felt.

But apparently you and other team moms who are lucky enough to have jobs, or who have the luxury of staying home while your husbands work, seem to be unaware that we have 10 percent unemployment in this country! It’s even higher where I live.

And many more people are underemployed, with jobs that barely cover the rent.

It’s not like we’re rocket scientists, where cutting corners could jeopardize missions to the Moon.

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It’s little kids. It’s soccer. Please. My company cut my wages this year, and I lost my part-time job that paid for luxuries like overpriced end-of-season sports parties.

The smug complacency of people who just keep on finding ways for me to spend my money is annoying.

There’s no reason that every sports event has to be held in some pricey arcade.

When did soccer and Little League become irretrievably linked with video games, anyway? I don’t let my kids play video games at home, yet I’m supposed to be forced to shell out big bucks for them to play them at the arcade, just so they can attend their end-of-season parties.

Well, why can’t we have that party at the same field where they played soccer? There’s a picnic table there. We can bring potluck. Then no one will be forced to spend money they don’t have just to avoid disappointing their kids.

Or you can come to my house. I’ll even clean it for the occasion. Believe me, that’ll be a first.