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This Read is Right-on!

Do you ever think about how many things you tell your child she can’t do? I’m not talking about not talking back or hitting her brother – I mean things like not being able to fly, not being able to help hatch an egg that has been left behind by it’s mother or not meeting Madonna (ok, so she’s probably not asking for this one!) In the same breath, you want to instill a sense of confidence and to give her the power to think she can do it all.

Local author Ginger Hodge put these two ideas together when she wrote “When Donkey’s Fly”, a children’s book that has been making headlines since it’s publish date last summer. A 2009 Mom’s Choice Gold Award recipient as well as a book that’s received accolades from Oprah herself, I can honestly say that the book was a true delight for me and my girls.

The story is that of a young girl who is told she can’t do various things (be president, buy a pony, etc.) “until a donkey flies”. Alas, she sees a donkey fly and then believes she can do anything.

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The moral of the story is obvious: you can do anything … but the way it’s presented is charming and hits perfectly with the children – it’s spot on to their comprehension level. At the end of the story Hodge reveals that there is a hidden flying donkey on each page which my kids loved looking for – over and over and overJ. Did I mention the calming, fun illustrations found on each page which made this task completely bearable?

With an overabundance of books out there, it’s nice to know which ones are “worth it” or not. I’m secretly pleased that Ginger asked me to review this book, because this one, for sure, is a keeper. Find this book online at