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Going home

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On the road, heading home… The thing about traveling beyond the parameters of your daily routine is it gives your mind time to roam. This freedom results in previously unexplored connections and random thoughts taking you to unexpected places… Sometimes that’s a good thing; other times, well, it’s best to forget about them as quickly as possible… 

The trip was tough for many reasons, but I’m mostly glad we were gone. Every new tragedy takes us back to our own, and there have been two serious car accidents in our area in less than two weeks. Beth was entangled in a traffic jam on her way to school several days ago because of one of them; I hated her being home alone and freaked out while we were so far away, having so-called fun... Trying to comfort her over the phone made me feel like I’d flunked Parenting-101.

In one of the accidents, the driver lived, but his wreck killed three others; he has been charged with second degree murder. In the one Beth stumbled across, the driver died and another person was sent to the hospital.

Turns out, both of the young men driving were members of the same church youth group; the youth director and her family are good friends of ours. Her husband and John play golf together all the time, as did Brian and her son; her son was one of the speakers at Brian's funeral. The driver who passed away lived at the opposite end of our neighborhood with his family...I’ve driven past their home hundreds of times.

Did I spend my first forty years in a fog? Has the world always been this small? I know tragedy has always occurred, that it has always asserted itself in innumerable ways, but I never realized exactly how close it was to me all the while…until now. Ignorance really was bliss…

But the knowledge gained by experience is power, even if it’s unwanted… I’ve been asked to reach out to one of the families by more friends we have in common. Which I am glad to do, once I work up my courage. I’m not afraid of my own pain, but of being an unwelcome intruder into theirs… I know nothing I have to say will really help them; nevertheless, as was (and continues to be) done for us time and again, I will extend both my hand and my heart…

Wishing you sunshine and hope…tg

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