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Jimmy Choo and Me

What do the following things all have in common?

  • Large McMansion in Ballantyne
  • Prada Handbag
  • Jimmy Choo Heels
  • Mercedes SL550
  • Me

I know.  It’s a tough one.

If you’re thinking “things that cost a lot of money and can quickly put me in debt” you’re close.  If you’re thinking “high maintenance items” you’re close, too.  You’re actually even closer if you are thinking “things that look great”. 

Actually, the items in the list above are things that could be considered the ultimate status symbols for a professional female.   

Proof?  A recent Marie Claire article states that “having a househusband may, in a way, be the ultimate status symbol for the successful professional woman”.  So there you have it.  If that doesn’t lump me in with a Benz and a McMansion I don’t know what does. 

I tend to disagree.  I think that a lot of folks (but certainly not all) look at a woman who works and is the sole financial support in her family as being crazy and/or less maternal.  There is a perception that dad is somehow taking advantage of mom’s success, or that something is wrong when mom really would prefer a business meeting to telling a three year old to stop picking her nose for the hundredth time.

I think the idea of having a stay at home dad may appeal to the fantasies of a Marie Claire reader, but the realities are a little different.  Kinda like owning a pool.  It sounds awesome, but after you’ve raked out the leaves twenty times the glamour is gone.

So, while definitely not ashamed, I don’t think my wife is walking around advertising that she’s married to a stay at home dad. 

Of course, she’s also not walking around in Jimmy Choos either.  I’d have to get a job if she wanted to do that.